Afaq Masih residential of Muhala Mian Key Mor Sher Pur road, Dhak khana Khas, Phool Nagar Tehsil Patoki, District Kasur. And around about 450-500 hundred Christian family live in this town since 90 years. Afaq Masih 18year old boy he worked on Air Conditioner shop as Mechanic in the same area of his house.  

But on 18 April 2017 when Afaq was going back to his home Rao Shani (residential of the same area ) one of accused persons took cell phone from Afaq Masih forcibly and tortured, abused and beaten him and said to him that you are Christian ( Chora ) and how could you get expensive thing and how could be better then us, and never gave back his cell phone after that Afaq went to his home. And told to his family about this incident in the few minutes of the same time Rao Shani who is accused person with his friend attacked on the house of Afaq and beaten to his father and brother and abused widow sister and sick mother . They also made aerial firing ( Aerial firing means firing with deadly weapons for harassing peoples ) and leave from there.

On next day 19 April 2017 at about 8pm accused Rao Shani with 20-25 Unknown again attacked on the house of Afaq entered forcibly and tortured Afaq and other family members  and abused women.

Due to Aerial firing Christians of the locality were feeling very scared and closed their door and save themselves

Father of Afaq Masih has Lodged F.I.R ( First Information Report ) in local Police Station City Phool Nagar against accused persons. F.I.R # 189/17 offense 506, 148,149,337H(2 Pakistan Penal Code.

Now Afaq Masih and his family left their house and area because the accuses are not arrested yet. And they are still giving threats to the family that they will kill them. Because they Christian and how could they have to take stand against us.

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