A 20 year old Christian girl named Anita Bibi trapped by a Muslim girl

A 20 year old Christian girl named Anita Bibi trapped by a Muslim girl named Sumaira Bibi and faced religiously discrimination due to her religion faith.

Anita bibi who belongs to a Christian family was used to work in Nishat Mills Limited since 4 years and the other girl Sumaira bibi who belongs to Muslim family also started job in same factory 2 months ago and then she made friendship with Anita bibi.

On the 22nd of January 2019 Sumaira bibi made a Phone call to Anita and said that come to my home then we will go of work together. When in the evening she didn’t come back to her home her family got worried. Then they (Anti’s family) went to the factory to investigate that why she (Anita bib) didn’t come to her house yet and the staff of the factory told them that she didn’t come today.

After that Muratib Liaqat ( brother of Anita ) went to Sumaira bibi’s house  and asked  her about Anita and she replied to Muratib that she is  not going at her job from last 8 days but  you don’t worry your sister will come back very soon.

The family of Anita waited for her but she didn’t come back and the very next day early in the morning at 5:00 AM again they went to Sumaira bibi`s house and they found her door locked so they went back to their house. Then  Muratib Liaqat went to  the factoy and asked from the staff again about her sister and they told him that your sister didn’t come  last day then he asked about Sumaira bibi and the staff told him that she comes to factory regularly just on yesterday she took leave only.

After that they went to the police station where they reported against accused person and lodged an F.I.R under section 365B.

Here is the name of accused persons who kidnaped ainnocent Christian girl. Qaswar Abbas s/o Allah Baksh, Umer hayat, Waseem, Iqbal, Sumaira bibi D/o Allah Ditta. According to Shakila ( sister of Anita ) Sumaira bibi gave proposal to Anita to accept Islam but she refused to accept her proposal.    

Now Pak Center For Law And Justice ( PCLJ ) took the responsibility to help and provide the justice to victim family.

One thought on “A 20 year old Christian girl named Anita Bibi trapped by a Muslim girl”

  1. Katrin Bornmueller says:

    This is a horror how Muslims work to force Christians to convert to Islam.
    This is a crime
    God protect her

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