53 year old Akhter Masih who is a father of six childrens and residential of Sargodha he was work in fields but in part time he serve his life to preached the peoples. He was brutally murdered by a muslim man.

Before six months he got the cow forcelly from the house of Akhter Masih, but in the evening grandfather and mother of Muhammad Waqas came to Akhter Masih house and apologize to him for this misbehavior by their son.

After that Muhammad Waqas get aggressive on it that his elder apologize to a Christian Chora in this revenge he planed to kill Akhter Masih. And threatened him that I will give you a lesson for it.

On 22 May 2017 around about 4 Pm when Akhter Masih went to shop to buy packet of cigrate after buying it he was going back to his home, when he reached at his home M Waqas Doger attacked on him hiddenly with the Knife of butcher and injured him he run away and the peoples who was eye witness they took him in the hospital where he survive and after six days he was died.

According to Rubina Bibi wife of Akhter Masih, She said. M Waqas Doger always threatened and said I get revenge from akhter masih.  

On 22 May 2017 Muhammad Waqas son of Muhammad Sadique caste Doger he is bad person of the area and he always threatened the peoples and beaten them too without any reason.

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