Arshad Maish was Murdered because he had to much Goats

District Okara,
Christian Man Arshad Masih was murdered while his goats were grazing in the pasture.
Akhtar Masih told PCLJ that ” Arshad Masih was the resident of Okara, Arshad used to graze goats. On 13th of June 2019, at 4:30 pm his goats were grazing in the pasture. Arshad Masih had 30-35 goats”. Me and my friends ( George Masih S/o Yaqoob Masih and Bashir Masih S/o Yousaf Masih ) were worried that he is not home on time and we went to see Arshad and when we reached the grassland we all saw Arshad’s Body his whole body was covered with blood and he died on the spot and the accused ran away.
Akhtar Masih also told PCLJ that “Accused people were also saying that give us your goats because you are Christian and you cannot have this much business “

Accused person statement to Police when they investigated:
Accused person Muhammad Arshad S/o Muhammad Ismail cast Jutt, Ali S/o Muhammad Mukhtar cast Machi, Tauqeer S/o Muhammad Shafeeq cast Rajput , during investigation they told that “It is true that we killed Arshad with our Sickles“

Please pray for Arshad and his family that he and his family can get justice.

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