Justice is an expensive commodity in Pakistan. One needs to be wealthy and Job’s patience to legally defend or obtain justice. Many illiterate and poor are suffering in jails only because they could not afford to pay for the legal cases filed against them. A landlord wants to keep peasants bound without paying them. Brick kiln owner bounds with the peshgi system, a money paid in advance to detain a worker until paid back. A domestic help is forced not to leave work by accusing of false charges. The right of having access to justice is indeed a fundamental right that should easily be available to each and every citizen of Pakistan irrespective of the case, creed and religion. But in real terms how many of them actually happen to become recipients of justice when they are in dire need of it? PCLJ is working for raising voice for such voiceless communities in order to provide them the justice they deserve so that we can build a socially just society.

“Every day, in every area, PCLJ changes the lives of our clients with the help of our supporters”.