Jamil Masih who is the resident of 148/9-L Chak was beaten by Muslims.

On 21st December 2017 Jamil Masih was in his home together with his family when a man named Muhammad Saeed who is the landlord of this village  but is the resident of 145/9-L Chak( The neighbourhood village) called him and narrated.

“ I am going to flow the Severage water into your crops if you have guts then come and try to stop me”

By listening this Jamil without wasting time immediately rushed towards his fields but it was too late to mend because the crops had been destroyed by that time. It was a big loss for Jamil because the piece of land that had been destroyed was nearly about 3 acres. After it Jamil threw fertilizers on his ruined crops which sucked the water and the crops as well as the field was saved to some extent.

Muhammad Saeed is the son of Abdul Ghaffur and is in between the age of 40-45 years and is the same person from whom Jamil Masih bought the piece of land. He is the landlord and has occupied the land of about 18-20 acres.

After putting water in Jamil’s field Saeed along with his brother Wajid and servant Sajid Hussain Threatened Jamil and said.

“You are Third class people and are filthy people. You can do nothing against the likes of us”

After saying this they attacked Jamil Masih and beat him very badly.

After beating him they went back to their village and Sajid Hussain who has been working as a servent in his house injuried himself and lodged false F.I.R( First Investigation Report) in the police station of Dera Raheem on 26th December 2017 against Jamil Masih, his brother Raheel Masih and his Father Farzand Masih ( It should be noted that the father of Jamil Masih named Farzand Masih is soo old that he is even unable to walk). In which they stated that Jamil his brother and his Father have beaten Sajjid Hussain very brutally which is totally false and ir-relevent.

Because the F.I.R has been been lodged so the police is searching to arrest Jamil and his brother and his father but they ran away. On 22nd Januray 2018 Additional Sessional Judge Mirza Aurangzeb disapproved the bails of Jamil his father and his brother.

Now on 27th Januray, 2018 the lawyer of Jamil Masih Chaudhary Muhamad Arslan has challenged the medical of Sajijid Hussain I the Additional Session Court and their the Judge’s name is  Arshad Mehmood. They are on the wait for the Judge to form a committee to see that medical again.

The Lawyer of Jamil Masih Chaudhary Muhammad Arslan has compromised with Muhamad Saeed and now they both are threatening the family of Jamil Masih, that we are going to kill you all.

At this time the whole family of Jamil is wandering here and their and are facing serious threats. Not only Jamil but his whole family is wandering here and there because they have .  

Here are the names of Jamil Masih’s family.

  1. Farzand Masih (Father) 65 years old.
  2.  Rita Bibi (Mother) 62 years old.
  3. Khalil Masih ( Elder Brother) 41 years old.
  4. Jamil Masih 39 years old.
  5. Asia Masih.
  6. Shazia Masih.
  7. Nadia Masih.
  8. Raheel Masih.
  9. Shakeel Masih.
  10. Sadia Masih.
  11. Nabeel Masih.

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