Mother of 4 kids kidnapped by Muslim women

Mother of 4 kids kidnapped by Muslim women.

47 year old Mabel Victoria residential of Youhanabad  was kidnaped by Muslim woman.

On 15 February 2000 she went to pay utility bill in bank at bank stop ( near Youhanabad ) there Mabel Victoria was waiting for her turn to pay the bill on the time she met with a woman ( named Bushra ) she talked with her and normally offered her ice cream and she ate with her. and she fell dizzy and the Muslim woman and her colleagues kidnapped her.

According to Mabel Victoria` when she woke up she found her in an unknown place in Dera Ghazi Khan and the women Bushra had sold her to Muhammad Ramzan in unknown amount.

After this she forcibly lived with Muhammad Ramzan and she was treated there like slave and was beaten by him and they abused her.

After a long time, Muhammad Ramzan got married again and his second wife also treated  Mabel Victoria very badly and tortured her. Then some of the workers who worked there told her to go on Dera of Mumtaz Begum she is a respectable personality of the area, then she waited for the time to run away and wanted to meet with Mumtaz Begum.

Finally, after a long time she got a chance and run away from there. And she took refuge in Mumtaz Begam house and she told her to not tell anyone about me.

Muharram-ul-haram, Mumtaz Begum gave her some money and said to her” Early in the morning you should leave this place and should go back to your house where your family was living.

On the next day she reached at Youhanabad and searched her family and found no one but keep searching. On the same day in evening she saw a man who was the friend of his husband and he took her to her family.

And now she and her family is very scared because the Muslims are searching her as she told us that Mumtaz Begum said to her that ”Muslims are still searching you and now they will kill you and now you should leave that place where your family is living” dfasa fafdafads






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