A 25-year-old Christian girl, Asma Yaqoob, was burnt to death by a Muslim man, Muhammad Rizwan Gujjar in Sialkot on April 17, 2018, for refusing to convert to Islam and marry him.

According to the FIR [First Information Report] registered by her father Yaqoob Masih with the police, Asma worked as a domestic help at the house of a Muslim, Muhammad Siddique.

He stated that Rizwan Gujjar had been pressurizing his daughter Asma for a very long time to recant her Christian faith and marry him, saying that Christianity was not a good religion. However, she had always refused his demands, and forbade him from forcing her to renounce her faith.

On the night of the incident, Masih said that he and his son had gone to meet Asma when the doorbell rang around 11pm. He said that Asma went outside to see who had come when after sometime they heard her screaming in pain. When they rushed outside, they saw Asma engulfed in flames and Rizwan Gujjar running outside the gate.

Masih said that according to Asma, Rizwan Gujjar had thrown petrol on her and lit a match when she again refused his demand to change her faith and marry him.

Asma was rushed to the Sialkot Civil Hospital where doctors said that she had suffered 80-90% burn injuries and should be shifted to Lahore’s Mayo Hospital burn unit for treatment. However, Asma could not survive her injuries and passed away at the Mayo Hospital after two days.

Asma’s family has requested Pak Center For Law And Justice (PCLJ) for legal assistance. PCLJ is providing legal and financial assistance.


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