Nouman Munir`s Family

Numan Munir was belongs to a poor Christian family resident of house #48 Mohallah Basti Balochan, Sheikhupura city in Pakistan, aged about 24 years old. He belongs to Pentecostal Church and unmarried person. He had three brothers and two sisters; they are all living with their mother in a rented house. His father had died two years ago, since then he was main bread earner of his family. By profession he was a sanitary worker in Municipal committee Sheikhupura. On 20-03-2017 at 6:20 am he went to Mundiala Road to clean the roads that suddenly two unknown persons ride on motor bike came on the spot and fired about five bullets upon Numan Munir and killed him at the spot. Police logged the case and started the investigation of this occurrence. During the investigation one of the colleague of Numan Munir disclosed that one week ago some Muslim persons named as Danu Chadar etc asked Numan Munir to clean their home on every Sunday but Numan Munir flatly refused to do so, because Numan Munir told them he could not come to every Sunday due his Sunday leave . So Danu Chadar threatened him that whoever denial us we always kill him. So on the pointation of Numan’s colleague Danu chadar was arrested and under investigation.

Now the Numan Munir’s family is in real tension and facing sever circumstances, because they have lost their bread earner on the other hand the family of Danu chadar compelling the family of Numan Munir by force to compromise with them, and they are threatening that if they would not compromise with them the family of Numan Munir have to face dire consequences.  So the family of Numan Munir requests for to do justice with them by fair trial of the case and for safe shelter for them to get rid of the threatening situation.

Now the current situation is that about the family the Muslims searching the family and announced on 5 April that if the family compromise with us on this case then we will never touch the family or if they did not compromise then they should have to be killed like Nouman Munir.               

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