Pakistani Christian Woman Murdered in Abu Dhabi

District Sahiwal, Shahbaz Nayar Gill told PCLJ that ” My sister Rukhsana Rehmat( MSC in psychology) went to Abu Dhabi to do Nebosh Diploma , On 8th of September 2018 she got a job in USG as security guard in Abu Dhabi and we were in touch with our sister and she was very happy because she got job and also passed her Nebosh Diploma and we said to her that you had passed your diploma now and it is the time for you to come back and our sister assured us that she will return to Pakistan in January 2019 and we also sent her some money, on 13th of December 2018 she talked to all of her family member. On 20 December 2018 we tried to call her but her phone was switched off. On next day, our all family members tried to call on her personal number but that was also switched off we tried on her company number but we didn’t get any answer. At Last, we communicate with Bilal Ahmad and he told us that your sister has went to Pakistan and we searched in Pakistan and we didn’t find her. We communicate with her friends at Abu Dhabi they said to us that Bilal Ahmad told us that she had brain hemorrhage and police has taken her dead body and he said to Rukhsana’s family members that she Suicide. Sometimes he said to us that she went to Pakistan and sometimes said us that she Suicide.

Rukhsana’s Family is demanding that we need our sisters dead body back and her accused should be arrested.

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