Father : Afzal Masih ( 16.04.1976)41 year old. Mahmoor Masih( 27.12.1994) 23 year old. Azam Masih(02.12.1999) 18 year

old. Yasir Masih( 16.04.2003) 14 year old. Ghulfam Masih( 01.02.2007) 10 year old.

 Mother : Shamim Bibi (01.01.1977) 41 years old. Maria(03.03.1998) 19 year old. Kainat 13 year old. Saira 13 year old.

13 year old Saira Afzal who was brutaly raped by a Muslim man who belongs to Gujjar Caste,

On 14 January 2018, Saira with her cousin sister ( Komal 12 year old )  went at the Dera of Chaudhary Ishtiaq where she has been cleaning  Garbage. But on that day, when she reached there to clean garbage, Amir Zaman Khan 42-45 year old who joined the work few days ago saw nobody there except those girls and him.

He started to beat Saira and Komal with bamboos. After torturing them a lot he roped one of the girl ( Komal ) with Pillar and took Saira in the fields and he brutally raped her and her painful screams started to circle there.

When the co-worker ladies that came work there and they saw Komal tied with the pillar, they untied her and then Komal told to them that Amir Zaman took Saira to the fields and when they reached there they saw Saira crying badly and at the same time Amir Zaman wearing his Shalwar and ran away. The ladies called Saira’s father Afzal Masih and Afzal took her into the hospital and after this he lodged F.I.R( First Information Report) # 12/18 Offense 376 PPC ( Pakistan Penal Code).

According to Komal

 “ Amir Zaman Khan tied me and he gave threats to kill me and also tortured me severly after this he took Saira with him in the fields.”

Now the friends of accuse( Amir Zaman) are threatening Saira’s family to take the case back and are stating

“You have the daughters other than Saira and it will not be good for them, for u as well as your family.”

In this case the Investigation Officer Adnan Shehzad said they did this due to her on commitment which is totally false. After this Pak Center For Law And Justice talked with high officials and send show cause latter to Investigation officer Adnan Shehzad. 

Now the family is seeking Justice.

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